The Most Common Cars Warning Signs to Look Out For

The Most Common Cars Warning Signs to Look Out For

The Most Common Cars Warning Signs to Look Out For

Life gives us many warning signs, and our modern car plays an important role in that too. Everyone should take those signals as a warning and try to abide by them as they can. It can help you save your life, fellow passengers, and other vehicles on the road.

The Advances control systems in our cars through the help of control units help us give many signs to BUCK UP and do something about it before it gets too late. These signs can be easy as well as difficult to understand.

So, what are these signs? What do these indicate? If you can’t see any signals, please check your car model’s manual book. Car Warning signs Honda or any other car are pretty much the same if we are not talking about the specific model. Just remember, if there is any warning sign you see then straightaway run to a workshop or ask Fixigo for assistance.

#DitchtheDIY when it comes to cars-

In case you are wondering whether DIY videos you see around the Internet are worth trying? The answer is not when it comes to heavy repairs that can risk your life on the road just because of improper repairs.

So, it totally depends on the work, on what your car needs. Changing the fluids, or battery replacement or replacing spark plugs can be done by most people. When it comes to anything big like brakes, it is a warning to run to a professional. If you want to repair car yourself, then you are in the right place.
So, first, clear the colour significance of the warning signs-

RED Warning Light- do something immediately.

Orange Warning Light- You have to get on it.

Here are some most common car warning signs and their meaning-

  • Check Engine light- It signifies lots of problems as per the code in the engine control unit. If the situation or the problem tends to get serious, then certain functions of your car stop. If the problem is not serious, then you can continue driving. So, always check the codes before driving.
  • Battery/ Alternator Charging Warning Sign- This sign detects the low voltage sign that should be on when the engine is off, and the ignition is on. Whereas when this light is on, it indicates that your car battery is not getting charged by the alternator making your car stop.
  • ABS/ Brake Control Warning Light- Anti-lock Brake System is disabled when the ABS warning light is on. It uses the wheel sensor to check the speed of the wheels. These warning signs don't let you lock all your brakes when you use the brakes in panic. It is not safe to continue driving when this light is on if you are not familiar with the brake process.
  • Airbag/ SRS Warning Dashboard Light- This light helps to know the status of the SRS system. It means that the airbags will not come to the rescue if an accident happens. It happens due to the connector plug under the passenger and driver seat. You must not continue to drive if this light is on.
  • Washer Fluid Level Warning sign- This sign detects the level of washer fluid in the reservoir. So, to disable it, you must fill the washer and headlight washer. You can check the manual for more assistance. It is not a life-threatening concern but for keeping on top of things is always good.
  • Traction Control (TCS) Dashboard Warning Light- It indicates that there is some problem in your car's traction control system. It will help you to drive safely on a slippery surface and rain. It helps to reduce the engine power if the tyres of your cars are not moving at the same speed or slipping, meeting the slippery surface. This light can be on simultaneously with ABS light. It can increase the possibility of accidents if you are not familiar with the system.
  • DPF (Diesel Particle Filter) Warning Symbol- Diesel particle filter warning symbol can be varied as per the model of your car. One of its significance is to look after the diesel particle filter and another thing is that it is full and it’s time for scheduled service maintenance. Your car will be fine if you don’t go far with the light on.
  • Coolant Temperature Warning Light- It can only mean that the coolant level is too high or too low, and your car is about to get overheated. Look for the leakage and other signs. So, it is best to stop the vehicle and look for the same.
  • Oil Pressure Warning Light- It indicates that the oil pressure in your car’s engine is low. You must turn off your car immediately as it can be a worse thing for your car engine, then you must replace the whole engine.
  • Fuel Level Indicator Light- It helps you determine if your car’s fuel tank is low and it is time to fill it. If you keep on driving with the light on, your vehicle will eventually stop when it will turn Zero.
  • Power Steering/ Steering Control Warning Light- It indicates the problem with the power steering system. Check the power steering fluid and check other codes. It is not advised to drive forward with this light on.
  • TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) Warning Sign- It detects that one of your tires has low pressure. For that, you have to make sure that all the tires have enough pressure, and after filling, you must reset the TPMS system.
  • Seatbelt unlocked Warning Symbol- It simply means that the seat belt is not fitting properly, and if it is already, and the light is on, there must be a problem with the seat buckle.

These were the best warning signs that can prevent you from accidents. Prevention is better than cure, and these warning signs help you prevent you from the worst situations. You must not regret anything because there will be no worth of seeing warning signs after accident.
Getting your car periodically serviced is one way to go, and Fixigo can be a helping hand on that. So, if you are looking for any car service or any other car problem, Fixigo will be on its way to help you.