Manual v/s. Automatic Transmission: Which Is Better?

Manual v/s. Automatic Transmission: Which Is Better?

Manual v/s. Automatic Transmission: Which Is Better?

We decided to join in the long going debate of Manual v/s Automatic Transmission. The debate has risen to the core today as to the popularity of easy-driving cars. Everyone goes through a numerous chain of thoughts when buying a car. One of those thoughts is whether to buy an automatic or a manual car. You can't just go into a car dealer shop and buy the car, Right? and then try to figure out its functions later. So, to solve this dilemma of automatic and manual cars, you have to acquire basic information about the disadvantages and advantages of both. So, before jumping on to discuss manual and automatic transmission, let's talk about what is transmission?

What is Transmission?

Manual Transmission-

Transmission helps to feed power to the wheels generated by the engine. It helps in determining the amount of power to be used at a time. So, the transmission has to be shifted on the lower gear when driving slowly. When the driver needs to accelerate, the transmission has to be shifted to the higher gear. It is introduced manually by the driver with the help of the clutch pedal and stick shift. All work of shifting the gears and clutch depends upon the gas pedal in Automatic cars.
So, We can’t favour one over the other without going over the advantages and disadvantages of Manual and Automatic Transmission.

Advantages of Manual Transmission-

> When it comes to Manual cars, finance is an edge that you can get as they are less costly than Automatic cars.

> The Driver has more control over the ride.

> Manual Cars are less expensive than Automatic cars.

Disadvantages of Manual Transmission-

>Driving a manual car can be tedious in heavy traffic.

> Learning todrive a manual car can be difficult to learn.

> Resale value of Manual Cars is low

> Now there are fewer Manual Cars.

> It gets tedious when you are going for a long drive’

Advantages of Automatic Transmission-

> Automatic cars are easy to drive as they require fewer functions.

>Easy to learn to drive automatic cars.

> Automatic cars are easy to drive in stop and go traffic.

> Automatic Shiftable Transmission offers to enjoy both the things

> You can get better mileage when it comes to gas

> It gets tedious when you are going for a long drive

Disadvantages of Automatic Transmission-

> One has less control over the drive

> The price is high as compared to Manual cars

> There are fewer choices when compared to Manual cars

> The car accelerator pedal may not function as they are expected to do.

There can be no conclusion made when we look for the answer objectively. So, the answer is always going to be settled through the subjectivity of a person. It depends upon the area you live in, how much you love driving and how far you have to go and many other factors. It also depends on how much the driver needs control on the road.