Exterior Car Cleaning & Washing

Exterior Car Cleaning & Washing
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Exterior Car Cleaning & Washing

Who likes seeing their car look dull and dirty?? No one, right?? Also, who wouldn't like the convenience of washing and cleaning their car at their fingertips? FixiGo brings the convenience of exterior car washing and cleaning services to your doorstep and transforms your car like it just came from the showroom.

When you call us for exterior car cleaning and washing, first, we'll give your car a thorough scrub-down, using our pH-neutral and biodegradable shampoo to remove all dirt, mud, minor scratches and grime that's been covering your car's true beauty. Rest assured, we will clean every inch of your car's exterior, from the hood all the way down to the wheels.

And, when it comes to the wheels, we'll give them a special treatment, too. Plus, we'll thoroughly clean off all the brake dust, preventing any discolouration and keeping your rims looking their absolute best.

And the best part is we are committed to adopting eco-friendly practices. So, we use our own powerful lithium-ion powered machine, so we don't have to rely on your electricity or waste tons of water. This approach will save around 60-70 litres of water in every car wash.

We understand how much you love your car, so we assure you that we'll handle your vehicle with the maximum care, ensuring your paint and bodywork stay in pristine condition. You can trust the expertise of FixiGo to get the job done right every single time.

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FixiGo brings the convenience of exterior car washing and cleaning services right to your doorstep, saving you time and effort while ensuring your car looks its best.
Our exterior car cleaning service includes a thorough scrub-down using pH-neutral and biodegradable shampoo, ensuring every inch of your car's exterior, including the wheels, is cleaned to perfection.
FixiGo uses its own powerful lithium-ion powered machine, reducing reliance on electricity and conserving water. With this approach, we save approximately 60-70 litres of water per car wash, demonstrating our commitment to eco-friendly practices.

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