Paintless dent repair for paint damaged vehicles

Paintless dent repair for paint damaged vehicles

Paintless dent repair for paint damaged vehicles

One of the best ways to repair vehicles that are paint damaged is by finding out the type and cause of the damage. Paintless dent removal was introduced by Frank T. Sargent in his book“ The key to metal bumping” in 1931. It is otherwise known as paintless dent removal.

An enormous range of damage can be repaired using dent repair considering that the paint surface is unchanged or not damaged. Paintless dent removal can be used on both aluminium panels as well as steel panels. There are numerous reasons that can cause damage to your vehicle from bird faeces to shoe polish and multiple other things that can leave behind a stain and is difficult to remove. Door dings, shopping cart dents and dents can be caused by debris, small parking lot accidents, tree branches falling on cars and body line damage.There are dents that are required to be fixed by professionals and some minor ones can be taken care of easily. Book your car service online.

Paintless dent removal a.k.a metal bumping works on different types of vehicles. Panel that is not broken, not painted damaged and has access to repair requires paintless dent repair. 95% of the time, damage that has good access, and has not stretched the integrity of the panel. Panels can be returned to its pre-damaged state using this paintless dent removal service. Different types of dents require different ways to remove them. And then there are few damages that cannot be repaired using paintless dent repair such as.

Sharp dents

Such dents can be caused when doors are opened and hit another car’s door while parking. Sharp dents are one of those dents that are mostly cannot be removed via paintless dent repair. Especially those that are along the body line and are deeper and along the front crease of the car door.

Severe dents

Minor dents are easy to repair as compared to Severe dents. Whereas paintless dents can repair multiple kinds of repair but they cannot repair severe dents. That can be caused by a t-bone collision. Such types of repairs require body repair.

There are a few restraining factors of paintless dent repair that includes the extensibility of the paint to an area to which the metal has been expanded by the loss, depending upon the intensity of impact, the thickness of the metal, flatness or curvature of damage.

How does paintless dent repair actually work?

1. Check the dent deeply, if the dent is sharp and scuff is present or not. If the answer is yes, that scuff needs to be buffed out.

2. Using a special paintless dent repair tool, gently lightly pushing the dent. Make small tiny pushes between the dents.

3. Need to be done slowly, if not done slowly it might cause more damage to car paint than actual benefit.

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