Types Of Automatic Transmissions

Types Of Automatic Transmissions

Types Of Automatic Transmissions

Automatic Transmissions are the future of the Automobile Industry. Technology plays an important role, and different technologies make an automatic car. The change is also steadfast and they are creating a buzz and Manufactures also give them confusing names as well, which becomes difficult to distinguish them from each other.

So, let us make this easier for you. Here are the different types of automatic gearboxes-

1. Torque Converter-

It is called conventional automatics. It is also the oldest. It is not expensive when it comes to manufacturing. It has the two fans placed opposite to each other; has a torque converter where the fluid flows in its space that helps transmit power to the transmission from the engine. There is a pump attached to the torque converter which gives the fluid all around the torque converter leading to spinning the fan and transmitting the torque into the transmission.

2. Continuously Variable Transmission-

CVT is operated on an ingenious pulley system that helps in varying the transmission ratio, which allows the highest and lowest gears an infinite variability with no different shifts or steps. Usable power can be provided through CTV. It helps you to have a smooth driving experience and make a better fuel economy.

3. Auto Gear Shift technology or AGS technology-

This type of transmission was first introduced in 2014 by Maruti Suzuki. There is a synchronization of clutch and gear shift; AGS Technology helps to evaluate different driving situations. You can expect efficiency and better performance in driving.

4.Direct Drive System-

It is a Single-speed Fixed-gear transmission System. The Koenigsegg engineering team developed it in-house. It eliminates the manual transmission and allows full EV mode. It has a Reduction ratio of 2.73:1, ICE rotates 2.73:1, where the crankshaft is mounted. It can take up to the top speed of 400kmph.

5. Intelligent Variable Transmission-

It doesn’t have fixed gear shifts, it has the virtual gear shifts as the driver puts in the inputs as per the driving conditions. IVT transmissions help in providing better fuel efficiency delivering the modulation of the pressure of the pulley system.

6. S-Tronic-

It is known as the dual-clutch transmission. It is fitted in Audi cars with nine-speed or seven-speed dual-clutch gearboxes.

6. Steptronic-

It uses dual clutches with similar functions as the torque converter. Clutch helps control the gears that are odd-numbered and others for even gears.

Gear shifts that are quicker than the gear stick in manuals have hit the spot for many manufacturers as it has become more popular and easy when it comes to performance. It has become this must common because of the smart computers. It allows it to take less power and focuses on systematic gear selection to make fuel savings. There are variations in the automatic transmissions. They are not just limited to the surface. Above stated automatic transmissions are some types that use different variables in the gear shift. Automatic Transmission doesn't mean that the service will be easy. It also requires professional help as well. You can contact any Fixigo’s certified workshop and get your car serviced. The service is not easy for automatic transmissions because it requires much access under the vehicle, only possible in a highly equipped workshop.