Car Odour Removal

Car Odour Removal
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Car Odour Removal

It's deadly to deal with some unpleasant smells in a car. Especially the smell of smoke and any kind of food. At FixiGo, we have got expertise in car odour removal services using ozone treatment. Regular traditional methods are outdated, so we use an advanced ozone treatment to get rid of those stubborn odours in cars caused by pets, smoke, food, or anything else.

At FixiGo, we understand the importance of convenience, which is why we offer friendly car odour removal service at your doorstep. First, we start by thoroughly evaluating your car's interior and exterior to identify the source of the odour. Then, we use our advanced machines combined with eco-friendly cleaning solutions to target and remove those odour molecules. And, we don't just mask the smell and cover it up with a number of perfumes, we really break down and remove the odour from their source effectively.

We are experts in removing the smell of smoke from your car. So, be assured that instead of just covering up the smell of smoke, our odour removal process actually gets rid of the layer of nicotine and tobacco that's left behind. No more unpleasant cigarette smells – you can experience the exact smell like you get in a brand-new car.

And it's not just smoke odours that the FixiGo team can tackle. We can remove odours from fabrics, vinyl, leather, and even plastics. Our doorstep odor removal service is quick, easy and effective to get your car smelling brand new again.

Note: After we complete our odour removal process, you must open your car windows for at least 15 minutes before driving to allow for the flow of oxygen into the vehicle. This is necessary because, during the smell removal process, we need to temporarily eliminate the oxygen levels inside the car.

General Questions

FixiGo utilizes advanced ozone treatment to effectively target and eliminate stubborn odours caused by pets, smoke, food, or other sources. Unlike traditional methods that may simply mask the smell, our process breaks down and removes odour molecules from their source.
Yes, FixiGo specializes in removing the smell of smoke from cars. Our odour removal process doesn't just mask the smell; it eliminates the layer of nicotine and tobacco residue, leaving your car smelling fresh, like new.
FixiGo's expert team can remove odours from various materials including fabrics, vinyl, leather, and plastics. Our doorstep odour removal service is quick, easy, and effective, ensuring your car smells brand new again.

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