10 Remarkable Points to Secure Your Cars During Monsoon

10 Remarkable Points to Secure Your Cars During Monsoon

10 Remarkable Points to Secure Your Cars During Monsoon

Summers are now coming to an end! It's time for the monsoon. Are you ready for the monsoon? Is your Car ready to roar on the road? If not, it's time to peek at your garage and take your car to the Fixigo professionals. The rainy season can be harsh on your vehicle, leading to extreme damage and safety issues. I remember one monsoon, my car's wipers gave up on me during a heavy downpour, and I was left with almost zero visibility. That's when I realized the importance of car servicing before the monsoon. This blog will walk you through the essential steps to protect your Car during the rainy period, based on my personal experiences and expert advice. 

Why is Pre-monsoon service a good idea?

Starting your monsoon with a pre-monsoon service for your car is not just a good idea, it's a reassurance. This service will help you check if your vehicle is in optimal condition to face the heavy rains. It involves a thorough check-up of critical components like brakes, tires, and lights, which are crucial in ensuring your safety during slippery and wet conditions. By investing in this service, you can drive with confidence, knowing that your car is prepared for the monsoon. 

Points to secure your cars during monsoon-

Fix your wipers before it's too late

If preparing your car for monsoon season, ensure the windshield wipers are working correctly. Disfigure wipers can seriously reduce visibility during heavy rains, which can be threatening. So, replacing the old wipers with the new ones is better to get the perfect view and safety on the road.

Headlight durability: Small fixes can make a big difference 

Another point is to check your headlights for any damages or cracks; if you find them, fix them on time. Working headlights are essential for safe driving as they give you clear vision and help other road users during heavy thunderstorms.

Navigate your brakes a few times on waterlogged roads

When driving through waterlogged areas, it is essential to gently press your brakes a few times after clearing the water. This small action can help you dry off some of the water on the brake discs and restore effective braking powder, which is essential in slippery conditions.

Keep corrosion away with an Anti-Rust spray

For your Car's underbody, apply an anti-rust spray that prevents rust and corrosion buildup. The moist, rainy conditions rush the rust and corrosion. Keeping away from it extends your Car's lifeline and helps maintain its resale value.

Keep your window sealed during the monsoon

Remember that your windows are completely rolled up when parking during rain. It will stop water from entering your Car's interior, which can damage the internal components easily.

Clean and wax your car to maintain its shine

Regularly clean and wax your car to protect its paint from acid rainwater. 

To preserve your car's paint, ensure regular cleaning and waxing can maintain its shine, which can cause dulling and erosion of the finish over time. A good amount of wax provides additional protection against the monsoon.

Tire maintenance is critical

Average tread depth is essential for a good grip on wet roads, which can reduce the risk of skidding. It also contributes to better vehicle handling and fuel efficiency. So, always check your tires for better tread depth and inflation.

Fluid levels check-up

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your car in top shape, especially during the monsoon. Always maintain the proper levels of all essential fluids like engine oil, coolant, and brake fluid. These fluids play a vital role in the smooth functioning of various car components, which is particularly crucial during the rainy season. By staying on top of these maintenance tasks, you can take control of your car's health and ensure its performance and safety.

Clean battery  and electrical terminals

Keep your Car's battery terminals clean to avoid difficulty while starting. During monsoon, check the electrical systems of Fixigo professionals to prevent any short circuits or failures due to moisture absorption.

Prepare kit & tools for Emergency

Lastly, remark on the point: Always keep an emergency kit and necessary tools in your Car. It must include first-aid supplies, a flashlight, a raincoat, and tools needed for emergency fixes. During rains, it is always important to be prepared to handle misfortunes.


Following these steps, you can enjoy the monsoon season without worrying about your Car succumbing to the harsh elements. Remember, a little preparation goes a long way in safeguarding your vehicle and ensuring a smooth and safe driving experience throughout the season. Cleaning your car with Fixigo for the monsoon season is helpful and necessary for your safety and vehicle's longevity. So, don't wait, start preparing your car for the monsoon today!