Cashless General Car Insurance Process| Explained

Cashless General Car Insurance Process| Explained

Cashless General Car Insurance Process| Explained

When you say cars, auto insurance automatically comes to mind. Right? Well, cars are the most popular mode of transportation, and this means they are bound to get scratched or stopped now and then. Cars are a mode of transportation on which a large population relies upon. So, one must protect them, and for that, an auto insurance policy can help you maintain your vehicle. With that, getting car Insurance claims becomes very difficult. Fixigo helps make that process cashless and hassle-free.

Get hassle-free Insurance Claim advice from Fixigo. Without a worry, go on with the process. So, if you are having a problem in understanding the general cashless car insurance process, then let us help you explain the process-

You like the additional benefits. Right? And a cashless insurance claim is one of the things you must need in your auto insurance policy. It adds value and eases the claim process. With this benefit, many people look for it and want to look more into it.

So, before going on to explain cashless insurance, let us tell you the ways you can get insurance payouts

1. Reimbursement

2. Cashless

What is a Cashless Car Insurance Policy?

Companies that help you with vehicle repairs without you having to pay any additional amount from your wallet is what Cashless Car Insurance stands for. Cashless claims are possible if the place where you went to repair your accidental car has a tie-up with the company your car is insured. This way, you shall not have to worry about the reimbursement of the expenses after you pay for the repair. Try to choose the workshop that provides cashless insurance claims matching your Auto Insurance policy.

How is it different from a reimbursement process?

Taking a cashless or reimbursement policy on auto insurance depends upon your needs. If you have a surplus amount of money set aside for urgent car repairs, it will not be a problem for you, but sometimes the accidental repairs can be more expensive than you think. If you can’t pay it at the time, then the cashless insurance policy comes to the rescue.

If you have a Reimbursement policy, you first have to settle the claim, then contact the insurance company for the payout.

In the cashless policy, you don't have to do anything. The Insurance company will help you settle the claim.

Here are the steps for getting a cashless insurance claim-

Step 1-

The insurance company has to be informed about the accident. Register the FIR.
Step 2-

The Surveyor will inspect the car and the car will be towed to the network garage such as Fixigo certified garages that offer cashless insurance claims as well.
Step 3-

After the Surveyor will examine the damage. The insurance company will get an estimate of the cost of repairs. After approval from the company, the repair of the vehicle can commence. Some of the repairs that do not come under the policy should have to be borne by you.
Step 4-

After the repairs are complete, the Insurance company will get the invoice in which necessary deductibles and other costs that don't come under the policy. They will settle it by paying Insured Declared Value in the form of a settlement with the network workshop facility.

So, this is all you need to know about the cashless insurance claim policy. Fixigo will assist you with the insurance claim process and have connections with the workshops that have tie-ups with leading insurance companies.