Top 6 things you can do to safeguard your car this winter.

Top 6 things you can do to safeguard your car this winter.

Top 6 things you can do to safeguard your car this winter.

Winter is coming, and so are the winter car problems, but it doesn’t mean that you can avoid winter driving. Common Winter car problems can ruin your experience while driving in extreme winters and could be harsh for your car. The bad experience can become harmful, including the risk of accidents. This means you have to take care of your car so that your car can take care of you on the road. Get the best car care services done by taking professional help, rather than using DIY hacks to fix your car.

If you don’t know what’s wrong with your car when taking your car out for service, then get a free winter car inspection from Fixigo and a 40 point check-up.

So, what you can do is safeguard your car through some of the ways given below.

1. Fuel-

With Heavy Traffic, the cost becomes higher as the fuel burns up with Pollution as well as you have to stop and start the car again and again. In the winter, it can be challenging to start the car. So, it is always good to fill up the fuel before leaving. Getting car service in Delhi is now easy with Fixigo, you can get car services at the lowest price possible.

2. Fluids-

Whenever you go out for a long journey, check the level of every fluid. Fuels can get frozen that can delay even starting your car in the winters. Refer to the handbook to know all about essential fluids. Locate the different oils and if you can’t figure out this, then get professional help from Fixigo.

3. Tyres-

Tyres require proper maintenance as they help in giving in the right grip on the wet, icy and other uneven surfaces. The leading part of this tyre maintenance is checking the tyre pressure. You can get to know the right amount of tire pressure required, you can go through the car manual or could go to the professional workshop certified by Fixigo. The wet surface due to winters can lead to an accident on the road, and that means, you have to take your car out for proper service that specifically involves Wheel Alignment, Tyre Rotation and Wheel Balancing. Book online car services from Fixigo and get Free pick and drop.

4.Wiper Blades-

With winter, fogging or condensation is a natural thing that can compromise the driver's vision. So, it is dangerous to drive and because of the fog, driving at night is always dangerous as well. Wiper fluid and working wiper blades are necessary to get rid of the fog, road salt and dust from the windscreen. You can check out the splits, and it is recommended to get the wiper blades changed every 12 months.

5. Electrics and battery check-

One of the major winter car problems is electrics and frozen batteries. Terminals and battery posts get corrosion in cold weather that can cause problems for the charging system to recharge the battery. The negative cable should be disconnected before the positive. Terminals should be cleaned with the best cleaning tool along with cleaning the grease marks. Then after the process, reinstall it.

6. Defroster and heater-

Defroster and heater must work properly. One reason is that the heater will keep you warm in winter, and the other is that it helps in defogging inside the car, helping the driver drive easily.

There is no absolute escape from winter driving when you have to go places. So these were a few hacks you can adopt to help yourself and your car. If you are not sure about anything, book your service from Fixigo and get many benefits. With professional help you can drive easily on the road without any concerns; you can also pack a winter survival kit that can help you any time.