How to repair a group of dents?

How to repair a group of dents?

How to repair a group of dents?

If you are a car owner, you must know that your car requires regular maintenance for it to work properly. One of the most common problems seen in any car is dent.because no matter how carefully and graciously you drive, there is going to be a clumsy person or a day when you might hit your car while parking, something that could leave the dent on your car. Noone likes dents on his or her car. In this blog, all the information is provided that is going to end all the confusion about dents and how to repair, how you can repair a group of dents. Most of the cars nowadays have an elastic body.which means its easy to get rid of those dents with paintless dent repair.

Here are a few DIYs one car try at home.

1. Hot water method
2. Plunger method
3. Hair dryer and compressed air.
4. The vacuum cleaner
5. The dry ice method
6. Condensation

Pro tip:

One should apply adequate heat to the area to ensure that paint expands to adequate blending and pushing the steel.

Types of car scratches are and how a professional can help you get rid of them.

1. Clear Coat scratch

There's a thin layer of clear coat that protects your car paint from environmental problems like sunlight, dust, acid rains and rust. Then to remove a scratch from this layer is manageable, and can be done handily.


Rubbing compound; in this process, your car is washed on the affected area first and then cleaned using a microfiber cloth. Then lastly, it’s rubbed till the time a complete scratch is gone by using a buffing pad and a solution on it. And then finally it is washed again and then air-dried.

2. Paint scratch

In such a scratch when it is so deep that you can even see a metal sheet under it. You usually get it when someone deliberately tries to put a scratch on your vehicle using a key, sharp-pointed object or stone. And even due to major accidents.


This scratch requires extreme professional denting/ painting work and you are in luck! Get it done by professional experts like Fixigo, will assure you 100% satisfaction.

3. Primer scratch

A primer layer is added to the car to give it a shining and smoother surface. If the scratch is beyond the clear coat layer and exposed to primer coating. The paint of the body will be damaged, which can cause rusting. And to avoid such scenarios, a person must always take measures as soon as possible.


Painting the whole body, to avoid uneven difference of paint, professional denting and painting. And the other treatment to this can be painted protection film, professional matches the paint using a special pallet and OEM paint code. Multiple layers of this are applied to give the desired result. It is tricky right? So, why not get a professional denting and painting done from professionals? Fixigo will get the job done in highly equipped workshops easily through trained mechanics.

Easy steps one can try at home:

Step 1. Clean scratch
Step 2. Tape scratch
Step 3. Sand scratch with 3000 grit and then with 5000 grit sandpaper
Step 4. Polish scratch
Step 5. Buff it with wax

There are so many good ways to remove scratches from your car. But it also depends on the type of scratches and the time of scratch (duration). Sometimes, getting rid of those scratches is tough. For those scenarios, go for professional service. Fixgo can be your go-to place.

Why choose Fixigo for your car?

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