Troubleshooting headlight problems

Troubleshooting headlight problems

Troubleshooting headlight problems

Headlight problems can be worrisome for the obvious reasons of driving them at night and other safety reasons, but they are not difficult to fix and don’t take much time as well. So considering safety first, headlight problems in cars should be fixed immediately especially when you are planning to drive at night. You can solve Most headlight problems on your own unless some serious issues need replacement or anything. This replacement needs professional help and you can get the same easily from Fixigo. It requires genuine parts, and that is something you can leave to the professionals.

So, stay tuned for Troubleshooting headlight problems-

1. Flickering headlights-

It may be because of the battery clamp connection, it becomes loose due to the heavy vibrations in the engine.


You can try to check the headlight wire if you can safely without electrocuting yourself, or you can simply go to a local workshop and get it

2. Malfunctioning headlight’s low beams-

Malfunctioning headlight’s low beams can be a simple problem of a faulty bulb. You can check the same by using the bulb from the working headlight. Or it can be because of the Melted wire.


You can use a voltmeter to see if the power is going into your headlight or not. If still the problem is not solved, then you must go to a mechanic.

3. Blown out headlights-

Blowing out headlights is a very common problem and that means you don’t have to worry about them so much but ignoring them can be dangerous for driving especially at night and hence must be fixed right away.


Turn off the engine first and check if the bulb is installed in the right place without any unnecessary motion. If not that it, check for the corrosion in your bulb’s sockets.

4. Change in the brightness of beams when you rev the engine-

It happens because of the defective charging system and the alternator is bad.


See the charging voltage only when your engine is idle and any number below 13 volts, there is something wrong with the alternator. In that case, a trained mechanic can fix this problem.

5. Dimmed beams-

It happens that your headlight is not illuminating the road properly. The reasons behind it may be because of the dirt headlights, plastic cover being fogged, discolouration, headlights aiming out of place and many other reasons.


Car headlight fog problems can be from the dimmed beams, and they are because of the dirty headlights. Just clean them when your engine is idle. If the problem is not solved, contact a professional.You may have problems performing the tasks yourself, but there is something you can do about it, you can contact Fixigo. If you are not feeling confident enough, or even doubting for a second to fix it, then you must. Go to a professional mechanic, and your problem will be solved in no time.

Are you looking for professional help for headlight problems?

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