Ways to Keep Your Old Car Running

Ways to Keep Your Old Car Running

Ways to Keep Your Old Car Running

Whether it’s an antique car or a domestic, every car has its lifespan, all we can do is look after how we can make it more worthwhile or increase it a little bit. The main thing to know about it is how often and how much you have to take care of your car. There are several things you can do to get an old car running and some of them are-

1. Proper Periodic services

Periodic Service is the best way to ensure the best life of your car. Even the simple oil change can be very helpful as it helps in keeping the engine smooth and running. So, you must take your car out for service as recommended. It is advised that Basic service must be done every 5000 Kms or 3 Months whereas Standard service must be done every 10000 Kms or 6 months and Comprehensive service must be done every 20000 Kms or 12 Months. You take your car out for service from Fixigo, and we will provide you with the best services.

2. Look out for Wheel bearings

If you are wondering how to keep an old car running then wheel bearings is the answer. When you are talking about ways to keep old car running, Wheel bearings can’t be neglected. It will help you to ensure the smooth running of tyres. It involves applying the grease to make your wheel bearings run longer.

3. Avoid parking your car in the intense Sunlight

It is advised to park your car in shade as much as you can. The heavy sunlight can ruin the original paint of your car. It is also not good for the interiors of your car especially in warm climates.

4. Look out for the debris

Debris is the salt and solid dust that gathers on your car after a ride in rain and dusty air. Washing your car with a towel or with anything can scratch your car to its core. So, make sure to eliminate this debris before washing it.

5. Keep the body of your car clean

Regular washing of your car can help your run for a long time as proper cleaning can eliminate the elements that can lead to rust damaging the body of your car. So, try to take your car for professional car wash as much as you can.

6. Brake fluid

Brakes are the important part of a car and changing the Brake fluid can increase your car’s lifespan. It will make it free of rust and corrosion.

7. Don’t ignore the Warning lights

If you tend to ignore the Dashboard warning signs for long, it can be very bad for that part of your car. One way to put it is like when you ignore the check engine light, it will be bad for your car.

Ignoring your car needs can cost you more than you can imagine. Not only does it give bad performance on the road but also can affect its resale value. So, there are ways you can keep your running with the points given, but you will need someone’s assistance to do so. Right? Well, Fixigo can help you do so. If you are looking to increase your car’s performance or to detail your car with denting and painting service and any other service, contact Fixigo. Book now!