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Service Packages

Second Hand Car Inspection

Second Hand Car Inspection Takes 4 hours

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  • Available at Doorstep
  • Scanner Report Provided
  • 50 Points Check-List
  • Full Car Scanning
  • Physical Car Diagnosis
  • Upfront Estimate
Engine Scanning

Engine Scanning Takes 3 hours

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  • Scanner Report Provided
  • OEM Scanner Used
  • Electrical Scanning
  • Error Code Deletion
  • Sensor Reset
  • Inspection of Exaust Smoke
Complete Suspension Inspection

Complete Suspension Inspection Takes 4 hours

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  • 25 Points Check List
  • On Suspension Noise ( Recommended )
  • Front Shocker Check
  • Rear Shocker Check
  • Shocker Mount Check
  • Link Rod Inspection
  • Jumping Rod Bush Check
Car Fluids Check

Car Fluids Check Takes 3 hours

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  • Free Pickup Included
  • On Leakage or Check Light ( Recommended )
  • Brake Fluid Check
  • Coolant Check
  • Engine Oil Check
  • Power Steering Oil Check
  • Battery Water Inspection
Radiator Replacement

Radiator Replacement Takes 6 Hours

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  • 1 Month Warranty
  • Recommended : In Case of Blockage in the Radiator Vessels
  • Radiator Replacement (OES)
  • Spare Part Cost Only
  • Radiator Hoses, Thermostat Valves, Additional
  • Coolant Additional
  • Free Pickup & Drop
Radiator Flush & Clean

Radiator Flush & Clean Takes 2 Hours

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  • Protects Radiator from Corrosion
  • Free Pickup and Drop
  • Coolant Draining
  • Radiator Flushing
  • Anti - Freeze Coolant Replacement
  • Radiator Cleaning
  • Coolant Leakage Inspection
EPS Module Repair

EPS Module Repair Takes 6 Hours

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  • 1 Month Warranty
  • Recommended : In Case of Hard Steering
  • EPS Module Repair
  • Steering Rack, Steering Motor Additional if Needed
  • Torque Sensor Additional if Needed
  • Free Pickup & Drop

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Fixigo assurance for Glass & Custom Service

Genuine OEM/OES spares

Genuine OEM/OES spares

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Why Choose Fixigo For Glass & Custom Service?

Cleaning & Detailing service from Fixigo
  1. Electrical overfiring? Car heating up? Worn out brakes? etc.. Need helpful solutions for custom repairs? Then you are at the right link Fixigo will assist you with all the custom repairs, just tell us your requirements and we will solve it at our highly equipped workshops.
  2. Engine overhaul
  3. Disc Turning
  4. Clutch Overhaul-Opening and Fitting + Inspection of items
  5. Steering Overhaul
  6. Car spa
  7. Front suspension overhaul
Genuine spares

If your car needs any additional work that requires spare parts, our service advisors will give you a quote for the new spare parts. Original parts are used by the vehicle manufacturer or OEM or OES spares.

Fixigo is very flexible and accepts Cash, MasterCard, Visa, RuPay, Maestro, Amex, Net banking, Wallet, Google Pay, Phonepe, BHIM, Paytm, Airtel, and other UPI payments.

Free pick and drop

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Cleaning & Detailing Faq's

How much time does it take for the cleaning and detailing?

There is no specific time limit. It depends on the type of cleaning and detailing work you have chosen. We make sure to take the least time possible to ensure that the best cleaning and detailing work on your car.

Can I get real-time updates on the work done on my car?

Yes, of course, Fixigo gives you proper transparency. You can either ask for the videos and photos from the service providers or you can visit the workshop at your convenience.

When should I get the cleaning and detailing work on my car?

Fixigo advises you to check your car if it needs any detailing services or not every 7-8 months. Teflon Coating and Ceramic coating lasts long once the service is taken.

Can you give some tips for cleaning and detailing aftercare?

Curing is the process of ceramic coating to get bond perfectly with the clear coat. It generally takes 2-3 weeks to get to its full strength and till then it is advised not to bring your car in contact with Sun and other forms of contaminations.