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CEAT Milaze X3

CEAT Milaze X3

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    Complete Wheel Care

    Complete Wheel Care Takes 4 Hours

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    • Every 6 Months or 5,000 Kms (Recommended)
    • Automated Wheel Balancing
    • Weight Correction
    • Alloy Weights Additional
    • Laser Assisted Wheel Alignment
    • Steering Adjustment and Correction
    • Camber and Castor Adjustment
    • All Four Tyre Rotation as per Tread Wear
    Mud Flaps

    Mud Flaps Takes 2 Hours

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    • 1 Month Warranty on Fitting
    • Excellent Durability
    • Mud Flaps Set of 4
    • Prevents Soil Accumulation
    • Protects Car Underbody
    • Easy Fitment
    Apollo Amazer 4G Life

    Apollo Amazer 4G Life

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      MRF ZLX

      MRF ZLX

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        MRF ZVTS

        MRF ZVTS

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          JK Ultima Neo

          JK Ultima Neo

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            Bridgestone S248

            Bridgestone S248

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              Bridgestone TURANZA AR20

              Bridgestone TURANZA AR20

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                nationwide best price

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                Complete wheel care

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                Why Choose Fixigo For Tyres & Wheel

                Why is Tyres & wheel care important?
                1. As the Kilometers on your car increase, tyres and wheels need a little extra care.
                2. Make sure to make them balanced and set them right in perfect condition.
                3. Signs your car needs wheel alignment: Uneven tread wear, Steering wheel getting off centred while driving straight and vibrating steering wheel.
                4. Indicators for Tyre replacement: Little troublemakers such as nails and rocks, damaged valve caps, cupping and shallow tread etc
                What do you get from Fixigo?
                1. Wheel alignment
                2. Wheel Balancing
                3. Complete Wheel Care
                4. Tyre replacement and repair
                What do you get?

                Reasons to get Tyres & Wheel care services from Fixigo -

                High-performance machines

                Alignment and balancing machines are installed properly in highly equipped workshops handled by experienced professionals.

                Best tyre equipment

                Get the best Tyre replacement and repair service from Fixigo. Getting TIRED of having car tyre problems? Contact Fixigo now.

                TYRE & WHEEL CARE Faq's

                How often should I change my Tyres?

                The lifespan of tyres is 50000 to 60000 Km depending upon the way you drive your car, the road you mostly drive on and finally the quality of tyres. It is recommended to change them to 50000 km.

                What are some tips for Tyre Maintenance?

                Fixigo recommends checking your tyre pressure every 4500 Km for a smooth drive. Get your vehicle checked for wheel alignment, balancing and tyre rotation if you face even a little problem when driving such as the inability to drive straight when you are trying to.

                Why are Wheel balancing, alignment and tyre rotation required? cars?

                Wheel balancing, alignment and tyre rotation are very much significant for your car as it helps a smooth drive such as making the stable contact on the road and for the best mileage. If your car doesn't have properly balanced wheels, then it will be dangerous to drive. Apart from that, it increases the lifespan of your car.

                What are the tyre brands available?

                From Fixigo, you can get the best tyres from CEAT, Apollo, Continental, Falken, Michelin, MRF, JK, Pirelli, Bridgestone and many more.

                Do you offer any warranty on tyres?

                The warranty on tyres depends on the brand you have chosen for your car, generally, it is 2 to 5 years.