Type of Transmissions In Cars

Gone are the days when automobiles had only three pedals. However, as technology has advanced, automobile designers and engineers have added an unprecedented number of gearbox arrangements, also known as transmissions. It is so advanced and technically advanced that the need for frequent Door-to-door car insurance claim services has been reduced by a significant percentage.

Type of Engines

An automobile’s exterior describes its beauty and classy appearance. The heart of the car, however, is what truly makes it a soaring vehicle—”the engine.” The engine of an automobile is the last thing we think about, but it should be the first and foremost priority of all. Only the motor or engine keeps an automobile

10 Basic Features That Even The Cheapest Cars Should Have!

In the past, reliability, after-sales service, and fuel efficiency were the main USPs for buyers of the cheapest cars. Many additional factors, such as functionality, comfort, and features, were secondary. Both technology and consumer preferences have changed over time. And that takes us to today’s reasonably priced, incredibly feature-rich automobiles. They are superior in terms


Ways The Monsoon Can Wreak Havoc On Your Car

Most people will concur that it’s lovely when it rains occasionally. You wouldn’t have to worry about the sun’s heat irritating your skin. Raindrops would have a calming and energizing effect and would be the ideal indoor activity for the day. That might not be the case with your car, though. Your car doesn’t get

Nissan Plant Shutdown in India: Is the Nissan plant closing?

Nissan, the Japanese automaker, has chosen to abandon the Datsun operations in India, nine years after introducing the marque’s worldwide relaunch in the nation. Although, after failing in its extremely ambitious revamp of Datsun, Nissan said in 2020 that the brand would be withdrawn in Russia and Indonesia, its other two nations, alongside South Africa

What are the major challenges confronting the Electric Car Industry?

Climate change’s impacts and our need to lessen our reliance on fossil fuels are undeniable, and governments all over the world are enacting legislation that intends to limit, if not fully eliminate, the price of new petrol or diesel cars in the near future Electric Car Industry. Everyone can see that electric motoring is growing,