Waterless Car Wash vs. Regular: Which one is better?

There are many options to choose from when you have to clean your car of dirt and pollution to maintain that look new car finish. So, Which one is the best option for us? We will to explain you the step-by-step process which one is best for you? Keep reading to learn the difference between a waterless car wash vs. a Regular car wash.

What is a waterless car wash?

Waterless car wash is a popular and new technique for the new generation. It is an eco-friendly process to change washing and cleaning our cars. Water crisis is one of the biggest issue we are facing these days. There are regions where is the water scarcity makes it impossible to opt for water cash washing

What is the process of a waterless car wash service?

In this process of waterless car wash is use microfiber cloths and a lubricating solution is sprayed. Waterless car wash, a lubricating solution, or biodegradable is sprayed directly onto the surface of the cars and then clean off with a soft and absorbent towel. The results are perfectly dry, streak-free, water spot-free, and environmentally aware of clean cars.

Most waterless car washes require the use of several soft microfiber towels to clean off the dirt, sludge, and water spots. All-inclusive, waterless car washes move to be much more environmentally friendly than regular wash options, washing with a pipe, or washing with a bucket of water.

There are 3- steps

  1. After dusting, the products lift and separate dirt and other particles from the car body surface, suspending it, after that wiped away using quality microfiber cloths.

  2. Do spray with water and use Nano-technology Sampo.

  3. Only a premium quality microfiber towel can offer high absorbency and softness to scoop up dust particles. This process removes all light dirt or stains from the car’s surface.

The first question comes to mind, Do waterless car washes scratch the paint?

No, The Waterless Car Washes doesn't scratch the paint of the car. Wash for cleaning and glow. Use a Microfiber Cloth with it. Fixigo, We do Waterless wash is easy to use and the product that ensures deep cleansing and passes-on high shine. Ideal for a quick and clean wash as the product is ready to use and does not swallow water.

Quick and Tidy Wash

The waterless wash is a quick method of cleaning surfaces as it does not require water to be rushed on the surface while ensuring a high gloss finish.

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Do you want a professional waterless car wash service at your doorstep?

Fixigo is a Mobile base car wash company. We are the most trustworthy and reliable car wash company in NCR that takes care of all your car and bike disinfecting and washing services. Our doorstep service makes us different and trustworthy. We offer services like car body wash, Interior cleaning, Interior disinfectant, Engine detailing, COVID killer wash, etc. Fixigo Prioritising professional quality services at affordable prices to the flexibility of the customers. Fixigo, take step towards saving water and the environment for waterless car wash service.


Fixigo is the easiest and most reliable car care solution to keep your car clean at your doorstep every day. Fixigo is an end to end car cleansing solution which ensures the wash experience for your car as a memorable one with supreme quality at the least price in the market.

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