Why Ford is shutting down in India?

Why is Ford shutting down in India?

Consolidation is not a cakewalk anymore Ford Motor came to India in 1995 through a partnership with Mahindra. After 3 years, the company separated to establish its own identity, namely Ford Motor India, and Ford is shutting down in India. The company’s first Independent offering to Indian customers was the Ford Ikon Sedan.  In the […]

How Rising Oil Prices Affect the Indian Economy?

Many people think they are suffering the most from the rising fuel prices, and the most common question to witness is Will the fuel prices go down in India? Given the situation, the wars and daily hikes in prices are troublesome. How do rising oil prices affect the Indian economy and Why do we suffer […]

Cashless General Car Insurance Process Explained

When you say cars, auto insurance automatically comes to mind. Right? Well, cars are the most popular mode of transportation, and this means they are bound to get scratched or stopped now and then.

Types Of Automatic Transmissions

utomatic Transmissions are the future of the Automobile Industry. Technology plays an important role, and different technologies make an automatic car. The change is also steadfast and they are creating a buzz and Manufactures also give them

You can now retrofit your old diesel car with an EV kit

ith the latest news of retrofitting old diesel cars with an EV Kit has been a popular thought. The main reason behind this is that one doesn’t have to give their 10 years old car in scrap. There is this law set recently that the

New Maruti Suzuki Celerio Launch Imminent

tchbacks are the most common car type sold in India and Maruti Suzuki Celerio is one of the common and affordable as well. Celerio is a sleek, shiny and stylish hatchback that you can get under your budget and now

Advanced Maruti Vitara Brezza LEAKED Premature?

Next-gen Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza is one of the most awaited cars and the new leaked images are creating a big buzz especially among car enthusiasts. The Current Maruti Brezza has now become the most

Manual v/s. Automatic Transmission: Which Is Better?

e long going debate of Manual v/s Automatic Transmission. The debate has risen to the core today as to the popularity of easy-driving cars.
Everyone goes through a numerous chain of thoughts when buying a car.

Troubleshooting headlight problems

Headlight problems can be worrisome for the obvious reasons of driving them at night and other safety reasons, but they are not difficult to fix and don’t take much time as well. So considering safety first, headlight problems in cars