Nissan, the Japanese automaker, has chosen to abandon the Datsun operations in India, nine years after introducing the marque’s worldwide relaunch in the nation. Although, after failing in its extremely ambitious revamp of Datsun, Nissan said in 2020 that the brand would be withdrawn in Russia and Indonesia, its other two nations, alongside South Africa and India, identified as potential markets pursuing the entry-level car sector Nissan Plant Shutdown in India.

Nissan India confirmed the decision to terminate the Datsun brand in an announcement, stating that production of the Datsun Redi-GO has halted at the Chennai facility (Renault Nissan Automotive India Private Ltd). However, the vehicle is still being sold (till the stock lasts).

Nissan Plant shutdown in India, no further operation of Datsun brand in India.

Nissan announced in October 2019 that perhaps the Datsun label would be tapered out globally due to the closure of manufacturing in Russia and Indonesia. However, with the recent decision, Datsun’s 9-year existence in India has closed. Is Nissan Plant Shutdown in India?

Whilst Datsun Go and Go+ models were previously retired, Nissan announced that the Redigo is also no longer available.

Nissan has stated that it will remain to provide servicing, aftermarket parts, and warranty solutions to current Datsun clients. In addition, consumers should easily access service touchpoints due to Nissan’s extensive network throughout the country.

During January and December 2021, Datsun sold 4,296 automobiles in India, amounting to only 0.09 % of the market.

Datsun sold 0 units last month without any of its three models finding a buyer.

Nissan stated in a public announcement that according to its worldwide transformation programme, the business is focused on core models and sectors that benefit the company, dealership partners, and the company the most. The Datsun Redi-GO is no longer manufactured at the Chennai facility. The company has assured all current and prospective Datsun customers that customer satisfaction is their top concern. Their national dealership network will continue to deliver the best after-sales service, parts supply, and warranty support.

Nissan Closed: Why is Nissan shut down?

The business has already ceased manufacturing two additional Datsun models: the small entry-level automobile Go, and the small multipurpose vehicle Go.

The Datsun trademark will be phased out as part of Nissan’s worldwide business transformation strategy, which was revealed in 2020.

Nissan concentrates on key vehicles and categories that enhance customer experience, dealer associates, and the organization as part of its worldwide transformation strategy. In its global transformation programme, Nissan stated that it would quit the Datsun business in Russia and consolidate operations in various ASEAN nations. It also declared a halt to production activities in Indonesia.

In July 2013, the Japanese automaker reintroduced Datsun internationally by introducing the entry-level car ‘Datsun Go’ in India, restoring the trademark 32 years after it’s been dropped.

Datsun introduced two new models the following year: the Redi-GO and the tiny multipurpose vehicle Go. Nevertheless, the brand failed to build a name in the incredibly competitive Indian mainstream market compact car class, which Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai control.

When it was reintroduced, Nissan Motor Company President and CEO Carlos Ghosn expected Datsun to play a significant part in the firm growing its market share to 10% by 2016, up from 1.2% in 2013.

However, the brand fell short of expectations, and Ghosn’s exit from the firm hastened its death.

The company was sold in 190 nations before it was pulled out for the first time in 1986.

Nissan plant Closing: Is Nissan Plant Shutdown in India?

There were numerous factors why and how the Datsun brand failed to catch on in India. Datsun had a bad start since it was caught in a tumultuous separation involving Nissan and Hover Automotive India (HAI), the Japanese automaker’s distributor, selling, and service partner, which threw the sales network into turmoil. Datsun’s stringent cost-cutting initiatives were the largest factor, which left the vehicles lacking in refinement. Visible welds and wires, poor plastic construction, and a lack of essential equipment hampered its designs.

Datsun attempted to compensate by offering cheap operational and maintenance costs. However, this did not sit well with Indian vehicle customers, for purchasing a car is an aspirational purchase, even if it is on a tight budget.

In India, attitudes toward inexpensive cars are not favorable, and the Tata Nano is yet another well-known case. Datsun’s name and reputation were harmed further when, months after the release, the Go hatchback was chastised for its bad performance in Global NCAP tests.

Furthermore, Nissan had its worst global market sales performance since 2009-2010, battling a drop in earnings due to worldwide market upheaval and the Carlos Ghosn affair. As a result, Nissan underwent a massive restructuring at this time, discarding Ghosn’s policies and simplifying and reevaluating manufacturing and vehicle range.

Nissan plans to phase out the Datsun trademark because it was more viable to concentrate on one brand rather than two separate companies with various strategies. As a result, no new Datsun models have been introduced. The Redigo was granted a redesign in India in 2020 because it was still approaching the end of its lifespan.

Did Nissan stop making cars?

Nissan closed production of vehicles under the resurrected Datsun label. The renamed Datsun was unveiled in 2013 and began selling cars in India, Russia, and Indonesia in 2014. They were offered in ten countries in their heyday. In 2016, about 90,000 Datsun-branded vehicles were purchased. However, sales have decreased over time.

The GO small, the brand’s cornerstone model, was marketed for less than a million yen. Datsun was among three key brands Nissan advertised globally, Infiniti and Nissan.

As per Japanese auto research company, MarkLines, around 6,400 Datsun automobiles would be sold in 2021, a decrease of more than 90 per cent from 87,300 in 2016 because Nissan struggled to collaborate with local dealers and distributors successfully. However, as part of Nissan’s reorganization initiative in 2019, the Magnite was given a Nissan badge. As a result, it appeared on the market in India in late 2020 for sale and has been essential in turning around Nissan’s reputation in India and abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nissan struggling in India?

Nissan’s decision to abandon its Datsun brand of automobiles in India, a decade just after the resuscitation of the Japanese automaker’s luxury brand, reflects its ongoing difficulties in breaking into one of the world’s major automotive sectors.

What is the future of Nissan in India?

Nissan will introduce two hatchbacks in India: the Nissan Leaf and the Nissan Note e Power. Such vehicles will be available in the Indian auto market in 2021 and 2022. Nissan will introduce two compact cars in India: the Nissan Leaf and the Nissan Note e Power.

Which is the cheapest car of Nissan?

Magnite is the cheapest Nissan automobile in India, costing 5.88 Lakhs.

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