TATA Motors has recently launched a state-of-the-art vehicle scrapping facility in Ganganagar, Rajasthan, which is called Re.Wi.Re – short for Recycle with Respect. The facility was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Mr. Ashok Gehlot, and is expected to help reduce air pollution and create jobs in the state.

Re.Wi.Re has a capacity to scrap up to 50,000 vehicles per year, making it one of the largest vehicle scrapping facilities in India. According to TATA Motors, the facility is equipped with advanced technology and will be able to recycle 90% of the components from scrapped vehicles.

The Executive Director Mr. Girish Wagh, has said that the facility is expected to create jobs for local people. Specifically, it will provide employment to around 300 people and generate more than Rs. 5 crore in revenue for the state.

The Chief Minister, Mr. Gehlot, praised the project and said that the state was committed to reducing air pollution. He said that Re.Wi.Re would help reduce pollution levels by taking old, polluting vehicles off the streets and recycling them in an environmentally friendly way.

The facility is part of the state’s efforts to reduce air pollution and encourage the use of cleaner vehicles. The government has already announced plans to introduce stricter emission standards, as well as incentives for electric vehicles. It is also working on introducing a ‘pollution tax’ for vehicles that fail to meet the standards.

TATA Motors’ Re.Wi.Re is a welcome move. The facility is expected to reduce air pollution, create jobs, and generate revenue for the state. It is also part of the state’s efforts to reduce air pollution and promote the use of cleaner vehicles.

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