Safety has gained paramount importance in the entire automobile industry. Low cost can no longer be an excuse for car manufacturers to produce unsafe cars. Global NCAP recently reached a milestone of testing 50 cars under the ‘Safer Cars for India’ campaign. Global NCAP (National Clean Air Programme) usually tests the most affordable variants for they are preferred by the majority. However, car manufacturers are also allowed to send their high-end models for car crash testing.

During the test, Global NCAP discovered the top ten cars on sale in India that have secured the highest GNCAP crash test rating. All these cars are under Rs 10 lakh, making them both affordable and safe!

Safest Cars in India

1. Tata Punch (5/5 Stars)

Tata Punch scored 16.45 points out of 17 (5 stars) in the NCAP car crash test, for adult occupants. This is the highest score secured by any car currently on sale in India. Punch was given a 4 star when it came to child safety. The body shell of Punch has been examined to be stable and well-built and is capable of withstanding further loadings. 

Standard safety features of Tata Punch include ABS, dual airbags, EBD, high-speed alert, ISOFIX child seat mounts, etc. The Punch variants start from Rs 5.73 lakhs in India. 

2. Mahindra XUV 300 (5/5 Stars)

For adult occupant protection, the Mahindra XUV 300 scored 16.42 points out of 17, securing 5 stars too. It is a close second to Tata Punch. It was given a 4-star for child occupant protection during the car crash test. 

The XUV 300’s footwell and structure were considered stable during the test. Head, knee, and neck protection was also declared ‘good’. While chest protection for the front passenger was also considered to be good, it was rated ‘adequate’ for the driver. 

3. Tata Altroz (5/5 stars)

Tata Altroz, based on the same ALFA platform as Tata Punch, is one of the highest GNCAP’s highest-rated hunchbacks in the Indian market. It scored 16.13 points out of 17 for adult protection. However, unlike the Tata Punch, it was given just 3 stars for child occupant protection.  

The standard safety kit of Tata Altroz includes two airbags, ABS and EBD, and seat-belt reminders for the front seats, among others. Higher variants have added features like a rear parking camera, front and rear fog lamps, and height-adjustable front seat belts. The price of Altroz starts at Rs 6 lakhs in India. 

4. Tata Nexon (5/5 stars)

Tata Nexon holds the distinction of being the first made-in-India car to have secured 5 stars in safety rating by Global NCAP. This compact SUV was initially awarded 4 stars but with the manufacturer upgrading the model after the crash test, it sent the car back for a second round of testing. It then secured 5 stars, with a total of 16.06 points out of 17 in adult protection. The child occupant protection was rated 3 stars, scoring 25 out of 49 points. This rating was for the model before the pre-facelift. The model currently on sale has further upgraded its safety norms.

All variants of Tata Nexon have standard features like two airbags, ABS, and ISOFIX child-seat mounts. Pricing of Nexon starts from Rs 7.5 lakhs. 

5. Honda Jazz (4/5 stars)

Honda Jazz is one of the latest models to be sent for the car crash test and it secured 4 out of 5 stars, with 13.89 points out of a total of 17. The Jazz tested for safety is the outgoing model, not the new one that is sold abroad. The car’s structure was considered stable and could withstand a further load. However, front knee protection was rated marginal due to ‘dangerous structures behind the dashboard’. 

Child occupant protection was rated 3 stars. The rating by Global NCAP made it the second highest-rated hatchback, behind Altroz. 

6. Toyota Urban Cruiser (4/5 stars)

The Toyota Urban Cruiser scored 4 out of 5 stars, securing 13.52 points out of 17. For child occupant safety, it scored 36.68 out of 49, which was better than Tata Nexon. The bodyshell and footwell have been rated stable. It has standard features like dual front airbags, ABS and EBD, rear parking sensors, seat belt restraints, etc. 

7. Tata Tiago (4/5 stars)

Both the identical Tata cars, Tiago and Tigor, have secured the same rating of 4 stars. It scored 12.52 points out of 17 for adult protection. For child occupant protection, the car received a 3-star rating. Body shell coherence was rated stable but it was found incapable of withstanding further load. 

Tiago’s market value starts from Rs. 5.27 lakhs in India.

8. Tata Tigor (4/5 stars)

Just like Tiago, Tata Tigor too scored 4 out of 5 stars. It too scored 12.52 points out of 17 in adult occupant protection, while securing a 3-star rating in child occupant protection. The bodyshell of Tigor was considered stable while this too could not with the stand further load, especially the footwell area.  

The price of Tigor starts from Rs 5.88 lakhs and goes up to Rs 12.24 lakhs. 

9. Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza (4/5 stars)

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza scored a 4-star rating in the Global NCAP car crash test, scoring 12.51 points. The protection offered to the driver and passenger’s head and neck was considered good. It was however given a 2-star for child occupant protection. 

This rating belongs to the previous Brezza model, so the ratings of the model after the facelift could vary. 

10. Renault Kiger (4/5 stars)

The Kiger secured a 4-star rating, scoring 12.34 points out of 17 for adult occupant protection. However, for child occupant protection it received 2 stars. The bodyshell of Kiger was also rated unstable and incapable of withstanding further load.

The footwell of Kiger was rated good. While the basic model is provided with dual front airbags, the higher variants are equipped with four airbags. The Kiger range starts from Rs 5.84 lakhs in the country.

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