Did you notice scratches or discolored headlights? Or are you missing the brightness of your new headlights? Don’t worry! These are indications that you need to pay head to your headlights before the damage gets out of control. One ideal solution to these problems is headlight buffing or headlight restoration!

When buffing is in question, car windshields take the center stage. This is because windshield issues are visible and causes visual issues while driving. However, buffing of headlights are equally important for multiple reasons.

Why do headlights of a car become yellowish?

The quality of headlights is different than what they used to be. Headlights today are made of polycarbonate, which is weaker and more vulnerable of being affected by environmental factors than materials like glass. Apart from the material, several other factors contribute to the discoloration of headlights. Oxidation of the protective coating on the lens happens due to sunlight, moisture, chemical cleaning, acid rain, etc. Road debris and tiny insects also serve as factors to discoloration.

Oxidation as well as discoloration can lower the intensity of the headlights. It may also result in the deflection of light, scattering it to different directions instead of keeping the light beam focused. This might prove to be a disaster while driving at night as visibility is clear only with the help of headlights.

What are the benefits of Headlight Buffing?

Safety is the most important reason for buffing of headlights. Apart from that, there are other reasons to avail it too!

1. Safety

The most crucial requirement while driving an automobile is safety. When certain parts of a car fail to work and accidents happen, it’s not in our control. However, clarity while driving at night is one thing we can control by keeping the headlights in check.

Headlights that are kept in good condition provides the much needed clarity, not only for the driver but for the passengers travelling. Oxidized or deeply scratched protective cover of the headlights disperses the light illuminating the road by almost 75%. The percentage is huge, proving how risky poor quality headlights can prove to be.

2. Money saving

For the owners who are planning to sell their cars, buffing of headlights is a cost-effective choice! Replacing the headlights completely can be very costly. So as to save yourself from future costs, take charge and solve problems when they are in control. Buffing will provide one with safe headlights. Replaced headlights also tend to lessen the resale value of a car, for a buyer would definitely search for original parts.

 Keeping all this in mind, buffing seems to be a savior!

3. Improves overall look of a car

Headlight buffing has another benefit of improving the entire look of the car. The cover of lights, especially the ones made out of cheaper materials, age quickly. If you want to restore the car’s new look, buffing is your sole option as it is way cheaper than replacing it with new lenses. Those who are to sell their cars shortly, buffing can help you in levelling up your car price.

4. Maintain functionality

By removing scratches and discoloration, buffing stabilizes the overall functionality of the car. It serves its purpose well by giving visibility to the driver, thereby ensuring safety! It also somewhere increases the performance of a car.

How is buffing done to the headlights?

Headlights are washed with clean, cool water as the first step. Once dirt is washed away, wet one side of a flannel cloth with polishing compound. Using firm pressure, one needs to polish the headlights in circular motion until it becomes visibly cleaner.

When the polish dries, with a clean cloth one needs to clean any dirt residue, and buffing is complete!

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