Scratches on a car’s windshield is the most common issue, and also has the potential of turning into a danger! The slightest of scratch can interfere with the driver’s view and can compromise with the safety of both the driver and passengers. It is only wise to follow ‘prevention is better than cure’. Make sure to deal with the scratches while they are minor, so that you can deal it in the best way without much stress!

What can Cause Scratches on Windshield?

There are multiple reasons to endure scratches on your windshield.

Improper Cleaning is one of the major reasons why a car’s windshield sustains stains. If one uses a rough cloth, instead of a microfiber cloth, scratches are bound to occur.

Road Debris is another common reason. When you drive, dust particles and debris like small pebbles fly into your windshield, especially when you are behind four-wheelers on the road.

Defective Wipers also causes scratches as they become hardened with time. When the glass is dry, or there are dust granules stuck, using such hardened wipers can cause prominent scratches.

How should One Treat a Scratch?

The first responsibility is to determine whether the scratch is shallow or deep. A deep scratch is bound to grow over time and might require a complete car windshield replacement later on. What remains in our control are the shallow scratches! These look harmless on the forefront but can prove dangerous when light is reflected through it, disturbing a driver’s view.

In such case, buffing is the best option to choose.

Buffing of the Windshield

Buffing, also known as car polishing, is a process of addressing all visual defects on the car. Buffing of windshield is to look for any scratches that are shallow, stains, etc. and remove them effectively. A lot of people avoid it not knowing how important it is!

There are a lot of benefits associated to buffing. Here are a few:

  1. Removes visible damages- The main function of buffing is to fill scratches that are not too deep. It can give a smooth outlook to the windshield, as well as the paint of your car.
  2. Adds gloss and shine- When buffing is used, the windshield is left looking as new as the first day. It becomes glossy and full of shine, as if no scratch ever existed.
  3. Makes stains invisible- Buffing is not only good for scratches, it is also beneficial for stubborn spots that just do not go away.
  4. Protection from sun damage- Due to direct sun exposure, especially in hot climates, discoloration, faded paint, etc. can become a problem. Buffing becomes your protective cover against the sun!

These benefits make buffing essential for a car’s windshield.

Did you Know?

The material most widely used in buffing is Cerium Oxide. Cerium Oxide is a miraculous compound for glass polishing that would make stains, scratches and spots disappear forever!

Cerium oxide powder and cerium dioxide are different terms for the compound used to deal with all sorts of glass issues. One has to mix the powder with water, and then use the mixture manually to deal with shallow scratches. It is a white or slightly pink colored powder, which is also used to clean marbles, stones, etc. Windows, car headlights, mirrors are all made to restore its original shine using this product!

FixiGo as a Savior to your Windshield!

When common problems like scratches occur on windshields, one tends to procrastinate, leaving it to be taken care of some other time. But this often becomes the cause of more troubles later on.

We at FixiGo understand the importance of immediate actions and thereby we bring to you an offer like never before!

Buffing generally costs you not less than 1100 INR, wherever you go! We are all set to provide to you Windshield Buffing at just 599 INR! 50% reduction in the market cost is what we can bear for the loyalty of our customers.

We guarantee the best service, with attention to detail! Our well-trained mechanics ensure that their work shows the value of your money.

The Windshield Buffing offer is only limited to the winter months. Hurry up and avail this amazing offer before we move on to the next!

It’s an offer worth a shot!

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