To think of running AC in your car when the outside is bitter cold, might seem vague! Some might even prefer running heaters to keep oneself warm, but it does more harm than good. Surprisingly, running air conditioner in car during winters has a lot of unknown benefits.

Let us then know why your car requires air conditioners during the cold days of winter.

Problems With Fog

Fog and mist during winter can become very dangerous while driving. It has been one of the main reasons for accidents during the winters. Whether in a cold region, or tropical, fog in winters are unavoidable, so to take measures become crucial for every car owner.

Temperature tends to differ inside the car from the cold surroundings, varying greatly. Inside the car the temperature is quite warm and comfortable, as people tend to keep the windows up. No ventilation or air circulation results in a stable temperature inside of the car, which tends to be warmer than the temperature outside. This leads to the accumulation of fog on the windshield, which means moisture blocking the sight!

Turning on your AC will help in balancing the temperatures, thereby significantly reducing mist on the windshield! Running the AC for long periods is not necessary as it might make you feel too cold. But run it for at least a few minutes to have a fogless view.

Harm that Using Heater Might do

Using heater inside the car in the cold days is a tendency of most people. It feels comfortable on the front, but does a lot more harm than we imagine.

The filters get jammed with a lot of dust and particles during the cold. When we use heater, the same dust particles are circulated inside the car. This can lead to coughing, irritation and might be dreadful to people with dust allergies.

Usage of heater when the surrounding is brutally cold can also affect your health. The temperature difference leads to cough and cold, and can make you quite sick!

It is thereby wise to get the AC filters and vents serviced regularly to avoid any health hazard, pollution, etc.

Need for AC Service in Winter

There are a lot of components that together form the entire Air Conditioning system of your car.

AC Gas is the essential part of the system that helps in transporting heated air inside the car to the outside, thereby lowering the temperature. AC does not work properly if the gas is either too much or too little. It is essential to refill AC gas whenever required, to regulate hygienic ventilation.

AC Filter is another crucial part that helps in removing harmful pollutants and keeps the air clean. It has to be serviced or replaced from time to time to keep the car interiors safe and sanitized.

Vents are the small passages from where the cool filtered air is blown. These vents are the exit points that help in keeping the car cool from the inside. Keeping the vents in check is necessary too, for they tend to trap a lot of dust from inside the car.

Cooling Coil refers to a coil that is responsible for bringing cool air for the AC system. The main function of it is to repeatedly keep the environment cool.

All of the components together form the AC system in your car, that regulates clean and fresh air for you to breathe. Without it, your car would stink and permit harmful air. To keep all these parts in check should be a car owner’s responsibility. Even during the winter months, when AC does not seem to be of use, one should keep in mind its importance in ventilation.

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