How you Can kill Coronavirus in your car without damaging the Interior surface

Nowadays, Washing hands and cleaning, disinfecting high-touch surfaces are two best ways to fight against spreading the coronavirus, according to World Health Organization (WHO). The Coronavirus has made a huge impact on the world, humans life, daily lives everything has stopped. Covid 19 is spreading rapidly all over India taking down economy and valuable souls..

So, Are you worried that the coronavirus could be sitting around and waiting for you? Here are some helpful tips and techniques on how can you kill coronavirus in your car interior surface.

Here is a checklist to keep the Interior of your car Germ-Free Without any damaging

  1. Keep car sanitization and deep cleaning.
  2. Car sanitization services.
  3. Essential of Interior-disinfectant.
  4. Regular wash keeps you healthy.

Keep car sanitization and deep cleaning

The Coronavirus had already effected millions of people in india and WHO taking all the essential steps to control the spread of coronavirus. Everyone is doing sanitization and clean houses, clothes, and others. But Car is not an exception since it needs as much attention. It wants more professional attention to sanitization and deep car interior cleaning. According to experts, more than a hundred types of microorganisms including viruses and bacteria can grow in your car if not cleaned regularly.

Car sanitization services

Car sanitization service is not an easy job. It is not the spray on doorknobs and steering or dusting the seats and windows. The microbe is the tiniest living creatures that can breed or seize in different parts of the car without visible. That's the reason, Why car sanitization is very important.

Fixigo provides the best car sanitization service in NCR to make your car microorganism free. We deliver toward the total well being of our customers as our top need and are continually anticipating their security. Fixigo is providing our washer workshop and training for car sanitization every week.

A checklist car sanitization service includes the following:

  • Dashboard and steering cleaning
  • Car roof
  • Vacuum cleaning of seats, floor, and door
  • Car inside buttons
  • Hand-break
  • Glass cleaning, and sanitization from inside
  • Seat Adjust
Specialized car sanitization services use appropriate and permitted technology for this purpose to reduce the risk of any harm to the internal materials of the car

Importance of Interior-disinfectant

We know that ultraviolet rays from the sun are a good virus killer, but parking it in the sun will not have any effect here if windows are tinted with UV blocking technology!

The expert recommendation you should clean and disinfectant your car’s interior once time, It is important to wash your car. It is also very important not to use too much water in your seats. If cloth upholstery absorbs through with water, it can get into the cushion beneath.

Cleaning – removes visible dirt, garbage, and dust with soap/detergents and water but does not necessarily kill them. It reduces the risk of spreading infection.

Sanitizing – reduces germs, bacteria, fungi, and viruses which helps lower the spread of infection.

Disinfecting – uses chemicals and disinfecting agents to kill germs, bacteria, and viruses.

How does Fixigo do properly car interior-disinfectant?

  • We start with the exterior door handles, fuel cap, and corner, wash with soap and water, then work on the interior.
  • We do vacuum all surfaces and areas normally vacuum.
  • Clean and wash the interior surfaces with Nano-technology Sampo after that wiped away using quality microfiber cloths.
  • Spray sanitizer onto a clean soft cloth or microfibre towel and wipe over surfaces.
  • Disinfect hard surfaces by wiping down with a disinfectant solution.

Regular cleaning keeps you healthy

You should sanitize your car once a week. Keeping your car bacteria and fungus free is important for health and also to stop spreading any unwanted, invisible danger Microorganism.

Are you looking for a professional Car interior Disinfectant service?

Fixigo is providing the professional car interior disinfectant service at your doorstep at a reasonable price. Do you want to make the car bacteria and viruses free without damaging the Car interior surface? Then, Book Fixigo professional service at your doorstep.

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