Will a Car Wash ruin My Car’s Paint?

However, if you have a luxury car and drive a brand new vehicle or something a slightly more standard, keeping your car paint is usually important. Everyone wants to preserve car paint save without damage in the car wash. One might then wonder if it is best to wash your car constantly, or just let it be. Between car paint, clear skins, and waxes, taking care of your vehicle’s exterior can be confusing. The professionals at Fixigo are here to help explain how to maintain your car's paint without damage.

Do car washes ruin car paint?

Maybe yes, Car wash inaccurately way with the wrong tools or chemical products will absolutely damage your paint and the clear coat and waxes that it protect. But besides, the sunlight, dust, and other external factors also damage the car paint to some extent. However, When your car is washed properly, and with the right types of soaps and products, your paint and clear coat will last the lifetime of the vehicle and look great the entire time.

But, Due to the dust and sand particles adhering to the car body becomes essential to wash your car. Properly washing your car will not damage the paint as well as increase the car paint life. Washing your car may not be a priority on your list of regular car care, but it should be.

5 Tips To Protect The Paint Of Your Car

Car paints are not meant to their forever, and There are so many factors, damage your car paints just like that, If you scrub the car windscreen without clean dust particles, It will some scratches on the window. It same goes for the car body as well

  • Paint and cloth: the right way to wash by hand
  • Washing car with the right products
  • Don't use hard clothes
  • Properly washing your car will not damage the paint
  • Don't Wash your car the WRONG way or with the WRONG tools and chemicals will absolutely damage your car paint

How Does Fixigo protect car paint?

So, These are the few tips that Fixigo uses for car washing

  1. Fixigo do before wash doing the car dry brushes for the dust clean
  2. After that, 1/2 Bottle of water spray on the car body surface
  3. Use high purifying and degrade products
  4. Then, Use Microfibre cloths for cleaning and shine the car
  5. Professionally car washers

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