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Engine Detailing

If a brand new car's engine compartment is the best dream one can see; the dirt, grease, and oil-ridden engine can prove to be the worst nightmare! Fixigo understands the importance of the gleam of metal, the glisten of the black hoses, and a clean surface every time you pop open the car's hood to check fluids or check a disturbing noise or smell. With our car engine detailing service, we provide you a chance to keep your engine clean and tidy, keeping the grease and dirt at bay!

Perfect for a monthly maintenance wash, our team uses solvent-based products to cut through the grease and grime in a better way than the water-based products. With gentle and repeating strokes, we turn the greasy engine into a sparkling-clean surface.

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Why this is great?

Our products melt away dirt that piled up from a long time and restores your engine back to a factory-fresh condition. We choose efforts over convenience. The team takes care of every part of your engine meticulously and cleans it thoroughly to increase its longevity and enhance its performance.

The Nitty Gritty!

  • Longer lifespan
  • Increased Safety
  • Makes your car look better-maintained
  • Makes other issues such as leaks and cracks easier to spot
  • Prevents engine from corrosion from salt
  • Better resale value