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Car Body Wash

We provide premium car body wash service, which is a blend of traditional and contemporary methods to keep dirt from your vehicle!

Our professional team helps you to restore the bright shine of your car, providing durable protection against dirt and dust.

Perfect for a weekly maintenance wash, our team opts for a scratch-free cleaning method that includes lubricating the dirt and grime to retain the paintwork. We use a gentle washing formula that is pH-balanced, biodegradable and a perfect choice for anyone who wants to keep his car looking fresh, new, and clean.

Your support and feedback is our Ninja’s sustenance to complete the promise.

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Why this is great?

We take our job seriously, our cleaning ninjas use microfiber towels that soaks up 9 times it weighs the water. This ensures the liquefied dirt is cleaned away from the surface easily, leaving the surface scratch-free. We agree this is a very simple process, but it’s effective! This approach ensures we fit right with our customers’ expectations, all that we want.

The Nitty Gritty!

  • Get just-from-showroom shine
  • Get the service booked in minutes with our Mobile App
  • Water-less car body wash
  • Add protection with every wipe of the micro-fiber Towel
  • Get a dust-free car